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Initiation to LUA GrandMA2/3 - January 17th 2022

Aart Verhoeven
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Course Initiation to LUA GrandMA 2/3

Course INITIATION TO LUA GrandMA2 / 3 online live


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Course: Initiation to Lua GrandMA2 /3
Mode: online live
Start: 17 january, 2022
End: 27 January, 2022
Week 1 – 17 Monday to 20 Thursday – 16:00 to 18:00
Week 2 – 24 Monday to 27 Thursday – 16:00 to 18:00
Time zone: GMT+1 (Madrid)
Duration: 16 horas / 8 días
Places: 12
TeacherAart Verhoeven
Official certification: Art and Tech Academy
Classes recorded and accessible for a month from the last day of your training, access directly from your user profile.
The GrandMA 2 and 3 are without any doubt the most versatile and powerfull consoles in the world. However, there are things that even these giants cannot do without the help of a plugin, a small program that can be launched from inside the console itself. In this course Initiation to Lua GrandMA2/3 we teach how to use the Lua computer language to create custom plugins that will help you save a lot of programming time or even perform tasks that are impossible or unfeasible without it, multiply the power of console software. Starting from the principles of computer programming and the configuration of the development system, you will learn in theory and practice everything you need to write plugins successfully.

Skills required:

  • GrandMA2/3 advance knowledge.
  • Knowing how to write macros helps you.
  • No prior knowledge of computer programming is required


Day 1

  • Automation
  • Setup
  • Link to MA

Day 2

  • Lua introduccion
  • Variables
  • Functions

Day 3

  • Statements
  • Statements (2)
  • Tables

Day 4

  • Expressions
  • Numbers
  • Strings

Day 5

  • User interaction
  • Libraries
  • Libraries (2)

Day 6

  • Show data
  • Show data (2)
  • Edit the MA show

Day 7

  • Variable scope
  • Comments
  • Debugging

Day 8

  • XML file format
  • Parching
  • Object orientated programming

During our course Initiation to Lua GrandMA2/3 you will do supervised and guided exercises to put into practice everything you have learned.

Push the boundaries of the industry’s most powerful lighting console with our course Initiation to Lua GrandMA2/3.



  • Internet connection of at least 10 Mb.
  • Headphones and microphone.
  • Second monitor or TV.
  • Windows 10 64bit (Home / Pro / Enterprise)
  • PC specifications. Here
  • Latest version of GrandMA2 OnPC. Download


  • Internet connection of at least 10 Mb.
  • Headphones and microphone.
  • Second monitor or TV.
  • Mac OS X High Sierra (10.13) or higher.
  • BootCamp installation and latest version of GrandMA2 OnPC. Download

If you want any additional information about our course Initiation to Lua , feel free to contact us through our email. Click here


Course details
Duración 16 hours - 8 days
Conferencias 8


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